Whisper Aircraft is a South African based Aircraft Kit manufacturer. We manufacture a composite aircraft called the Whisper X350 Gen II. The X350 Gen II is a 49% built kit and requires the customer to complete the remainder of the build process themselves.




Whisper Aircraft was found by Dr Russell Phillips.


By 2004 Russell had already built a couple of bushbabys, a KR2, Stolp Starduster and restored four Bellancas as well as a J3. He had also established a small factory in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, and had gone further in adding an instructor rating to his Commercial Pilot License.


Dr Phillips designed and built a composite motorized glider called the Whisper Motor Glider. It had sexy lines with innovative features and went on to sell over 50 aircraft kits worldwide.


Dr Phillips started design work on a new Whisper Aircraft, the X350 in 2010.

The Whisper X350 was designed to be an affordable side by side composite sports, light aerobatic aircraft with great speed and comfort. The X350, as was the Whisper Motor Glider, is sold in a kit allowing the customer to complete the remainder of the aircraft him or herself.


More on the X350 "Gen 1" can be read here.




Whisper Aircraft continues to build the Whisper X350, while our sister company builds the Motor Glider.


Whisper Aircraft have recently moved their X350 kit manufacturing factory to the scenic Mossel Bay and Mossel Bay Airport in South Africa.


Whisper Aircraft are also preparing to launch our 2nd Generation X350 aircraft. The new X350 Gen II will be a 49% built kit, which requires the customer to complete the remainder of the build process themselves.


The kit will be available worldwide from early 2017.




"While many a metal-airplane builder curses the mess of working with fiberglass to form their cowls, fairings, and wheel pants; composite airplane builders appreciate the beautiful and complex shapes that glass allows. Working with composite materials leads the builder towards understanding the sculpture’s pleasure moulding a piece of art." - Louise Hose from Kitplanes


Building your own aircraft is no easy task, however it is a great accomplishment and one to be proud of. It takes a special kind of person to look at an aircraft and decide to challenge him or her self by building one and then to reward themselves with the miracle of flight.


This Whisper X350 was specially designed for such enthusiasts.


The Whisper community is an assisting community. They recommend and encourage you to do the best that you can do, fabricating your very own aircraft.


Talk to a Whisper owner, visit a build, browse the forum and take the leap.




To deliver the most affordable, best performing composite aircraft kits in the world.


To encourage pilots to build their dream aircraft, and to experience the satisfaction of flying one we crafted and YOU built.

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