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The New Whisper X350 Gen II is available in several options, Basic Kit, Standard Quick-Build-Kit and Ready-to-Fly.


Ranging from  +-600hrs, 400hrs to 16 hrs  build time.


The standard kit can be purchased in sections to suite your time schedule, budget and space. Each section has its own quick build option allowing you to save some construction time.


The kit has been designed should you like to purchase it sectionally to have the fuselage completed first, this means within a couple weeks you'll have a fuselage ready for interior mock-up and engine installation.


Alternatively you can purchase the Empennage Kit and complete it first, we offer the X350 Gen II kit in a wide range of configurations making it perfect for a first time build.


We are proud of the fact that our customers will have very little fiberglass work to do, depending on the kit you select. However, there is some to be done.


The Whisper X350 Gen II Kit includes all items and hardware required to complete a standard kit, this includes all control assemblies and Grove wheels and brakes.


The X350 Gen II uses AN hardware throughout the aircraft ensuring easy availability of parts.


Our factory carries all replacement parts in stock to minimize any delays in receiving  parts.


The X350 kit can be completed in +-400 hrs depending on your current skill set, when you receive your kit all structural parts and large surfaces will be completed, the kit ships with a base coat already sprayed to insure product quality and ultimately the finished aircrafts quality. The kit ships with complete built Wings, Horizontal Stab, Rudder, Flaps, Ailerons, Elevators and Fuselage. Within a couple days your aircraft will be ready for motor installation.


Photo by Patrick Davidson, Red Bull Air Race Pilot.


"The X350 Gen II is one of those kit aircraft that makes you grin every time you take to the sky.

To say the performance is spectacular would be an understatement indeed!

It's one of those unique and rare aircraft that does everything well "

The X350 Gen II offers increased performance and headroom, a full leather interior, dual L&R Controls,  optional Ballistic Recovery System,  optional 2-Axis Autopilot and a more spacious instrument panel to accommodate 10.4 inch EFIS screens to name a few.


The New Whisper X350 Gen II is available in 3 options, Basic Kit, Standard Quick-Build-Kit and Ready-to-Fly.


We are proud of the fact that our customers will have very little fiberglass work to do, depending on the kit you select. However, there is some to be done.


The Gen II Standard Kit  have some structural and fuselage parts  completed, including the first paint primer coat and most of the exterior work.


The remaining work and finishings includes all electronics, engine fitments and interior work to be done by the owner. No prior knowledge of composites is required or necessary.

Internally, you'll notice a full leather  interior with 4D Carbon Fiber trims and textured Kydex avionics panels. The Kydex is a durable, easy to work with panel, ensuring an easy avionics installation. We import our leather from Italy to ensure quality and durability, as well as comfortability for those long, cross country trips.


The Gen II have one of the widest cockpits available allowing plenty elbow room and leg room making it perfect for cross-country trips.


All parts required to finish the Whisper are included within the kit.  The estimated time to complete the kit will take an average of 500 man hours , depending on your skills or assistance from friends or others.**

A well-detailed construction manual (featuring ample illustrative photographs) is provided with the kit. Quick assistance can also be given by phone  or  via SKYPE call. Whisper Aircraft have a growing builders forum too, where owners can share their construction experience and knowledge.*


*All current build forum aircraft are 1st Generation Whisper Aircraft. 1st Gen X350's is 10% completed kits.

**Engine, engine mount and electronics are excluded in the standard kit, however  they can be supplied.

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The X350 Gen II is the pilot’s plane. It expresses the pilot’s bold statement and style. The exterior paint style and color scheme will be your most important stylistic decision.


It will also be the reason for envy both inside and out of the hangar.




X350 Gen II is Personalized to Suit Your Taste



A Optional full-leather interior, generously crafted seats (with perforated accents), leather on the instrument panel and the inner lining of the doors, as well as black leather trims, is an elegant and sporty result; which fits perfectly into the overall concept of the X350 Gen II.

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Seats                                                  2

Engine                                               Lycoming / Superior

Horsepower                                    160 hp / 180 hp / 200 hp

Gear Configuration                       Tail Wheel / Nose Wheel




Overall Length                                22 ft 6 in / 6.30 m

Height                                                6 ft 2 in / 1.9 m

Wingspan                                         26 ft 2 in / 8.00 m

Internal Cabin Width                    47.2 in / 1,193 mm




Gross Weight                                   2,138 lbs / 970 kg

Empty Weight                                 1,279 lbs / 580 kg

Useful Load                                     860 lbs / 390 kg

Max Fuel Load                                310 lbs / 140 kg


Coming Soon




Fuel Capacity                                               50 USG / 190 liters

Fuel Consumption @  55% Cruise            9.37 USG/hr / 35.5 liters/hr

Fuel Type                                                       AVGAS / Unleaded Automotive Gas


Performance at Sea Level - 180HP


Top Speed                                                    184 kts / 211 mph / 340 km/h

Cruise speed 75% Power                        175 kts / 201 mph / 323 km/h

Cruise speed 55% Power                        155 kts / 178 mph / 287 km/h

Stall Speed                                                   52 kts / 60 mph / 96 km/h

Take Off Ground Roll                                984ft / 300m

Landing Distance                                       984ft /300m

Rate of Climb                                              1,540 ft/min / 7.82 m/s

Max Operating Altitude                           25,500 ft / 6,858 m

Range (no reserves)                                  994 miles / 1,600 km




Tri-Gear Configuration                           Custom Leather Interior

Quick-build Option                                 Additional Fuel Tanks

Ballistic Recovery System                    Tinted Canopy

Dual Left and Right Controls               Leading Edge Landing Lights


* Final performance may vary slightly


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